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The world’s top NFT creators and brands rely on OpenSea to reach new audiences

Why drop a collection on OpenSea?

With OpenSea, your drop can reach the largest NFT audience in the world. Tell your story with all of the sizzle and none of the work required of a custom web page. Go zero-to-one on any EVM chain in minutes. And, have confidence that you and your community will be protected every step of the way.
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Save time

We’ve built easy-to-use tools to help you get started quickly. Enjoy the freedom to focus on the things that matter most – like growing & supporting your community.

Customize your experience

Build your brand without constraints. Configure allowlists, adjust drop mechanics, and personalize your landing page across Ethereum, Polygon and other EVM chains.

Drop with confidence

Our audited SeaDrop smart contract makes us the safest place to mint. Use the NFT ecosystem’s most sophisticated copymint detection and theft prevention technologies.


Where do I get started if I’ve never created a drop before?

We recommend you get started by reviewing the Drops section of our Help Center, beginning with Drops on OpenSea.

Do I need to submit an application to create a drop?

Drops is now open access. You no longer need to submit an application to create a drop.

How much does it cost to deploy my own contract on OpenSea?

The gas fee to deploy your own contract using SeaDrop depends on whether you use a proxy or standard contract. With a proxy contract, we estimate ~90% savings on gas fees compared to a standard contract.

For creators expecting a large volume of transactions on their collection -- you may prefer to use the standard contract since the community may collectively end up paying more in gas fees with a proxy contract.

Where can I get answers to questions about preparing my drop’s metadata?

To learn more about setting up your drop’s metadata, visit our Developer Docs.

Will I be able to use my own contract?

Yes, if your contract conforms to the ERC721SeaDrop contract standard you can use it to create a drop on OpenSea.

What will my landing page look like?

Drops pages on OpenSea are intended to be rich, storytelling surfaces. These landing pages are customizable and provide space for key messaging and project information (like minting schedules, a countdown clock, NFT gallery & roadmaps) as well as images and videos. To see some examples of previous drop experiences, explore the drop pages for omgkirby, CLOUDMACHINE, Probably a Label, and Anthony Hopkins.

What is OpenSea’s fee for self-serve drops tooling?

OpenSea will receive 10% of the sale price for each NFT minted in your drop. Changing this value will make your drop ineligible to show on OpenSea.

Will my drop automatically be added to OpenSea's drop calendar?

No, similar to being featured on OpenSea's homepage we can't guarantee that all drops will be added to OpenSea's drop calendar.

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